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Storm water management

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About Scott Lockhart Consulting

Construction management and land developer Scott Lochart

Jeffrey Scott Lockhart


General Contractor

Project Manager
Construction Management
Stormwater Management Specialist

Construction management, stormwater management and land development


1998. CEO Founder Sustainable Homesteads LLC

Green building, off-grid and permaculture design build. Central, Texas.

1996 CEO Founder of Rain Harvest LLC

First rainwater collection design build company in Texas.

1984-Present, CEO and Founder of Scott Lockhart Consulting, Austin, Texas.

Light commercial and residential general construction with a specialty in the design and mitigation of residential, commercial, and municipal stormwater management systems and structural retaining walls.

1979-1983, Licensed private building and construction inspector in Travis County, Williamson County, and Hays County Texas, and the Austin, Texas metropolitan area.

1976-1979, CLV LLC, Houston, Texas

Project management and construction management of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Construction Management Engineering Since 1987.


1988-1990, Consultant for the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson family, owners of PROSEED Inc. Development, marketing, and manufacturing of stormwater management products and systems for the United States Departments of Transportation (DOT).

1984-Present, Stormwater Management Consultant and Land Development Advisor for the Professional Civil Engineering Industry in Texas, California and Costa Rica.


Selena Souder

Owner Founder

Big Red Sun

Los Angeles, California

(310) 433-5216

Ron Koenig P.E.- Licensed Structural Engineer

(512) 914-3287

Tim Atkinson, P.E. PHD- Licensed Structural Engineer

(512) 528-6085

CATHERINE ROMÁN architect builder and project manager Costa Rica

Catherine Roman

Architect builder and project manager

Costa Rica

Fernando Castro Construction engineer Costa Rica

Fernando Castro PE gerente comercial

San Jose Costa Rica

Steve Katz MD and Jacquie Lappin MD

Luxury Home Clients

(713) 542-0899

Gerson Porras Gonzalez - Licensed Construction Engineer, Ojochal, Costa Rica

Gerson Porras Gonzalez

Licensed Construction Engineer

Ojochal, Osa, next to Asada de ojochal

Costa Rica

+506 897 63 623

+506 701 76 889

Thomas Cole Brown Professional Contractor

Thomas Cole Brown

Professional Contractor

Austin, Texas

+1 (803) 459-3275


Let’s create a sustainable, environmentally-conscious project that meets your specific needs and goals.

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